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Performance Marketing, is part of digital advertising, which mainly implementing on Google search, display, video, shopping, and mobile app network. Social Media Marketing which generally involving Facebook and Instagram.

Both marketing tools having huge user base with high daily usage and widely spread network. By publishing your advertisements on these network, it will greatly improve your business branding and lead generation. Most importantly, it's measurable for your ROI.


Understanding Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

Digital marketing sales funnel is a summary of sales flow in which provides a concise & structured way to measure ROI from digital marketing campaigns & strategies.

It consists of 4 stages throughout the sales funnel before driving customers to actually purchase on something: -

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Decision
  4. Action

Meet The AIDA


A stage where people aware and get to know about your brand, products or services. It commonly appears in the form of display and video ads, during activities happen on Google advertising network and social media platforms.

You probably aware of and experienced with some display or video ads during streaming on YouTube, browsing on Facebook or Instagram, and even during reading some articles or news on websites.


Right now, people interested with your products or services provided by your brand.

Research is what people normally do before they actually do the purchase. Search and shopping ads can be handy in this stage, to lead your potential customers to your landing page or social media page of your brand. This ads commonly appear on top section of search result page. From there they able to find and do their research of your products or services.


People who willing to make a purchase will reach this stage and making their decision here.

The promotions or offers on the landing page or brand's social media page should be informative, attractive enough to promo & convert interested people to a customer.


Sometimes people need more exposure or selling points from the ads to remind them and make a purchase. In this situation, remarketing is effective way to get people interest back and make their decision. Landing page playing important role from UI & UX, information aspect, as well as call to action feature on user's conversion & advocacy stage.

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