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Cornerstone Of Digital Marketing

Website, is no longer a new marketing tool for businesses. But it's still the foundation of a business's internet presence, which commonly serves to convey & gather information to & from its audience. To gain most credibility and building business brand on the internet, website is still the key approach for a business other than its social media presence.

Today, businesses rely a lot and gather lead generation from their website on 24x7 basis. It's very cost effective, efficient, and credible digital marketing tool.

As contrast from business social media presence, which its nature & existence is less official and with limited functionalities comparing with official business website.


4 Criteria Of Modern Website

User Interface & User Experience Design

Good User Interface(UI) design is not only about website's layout & elements design, but capable of bringing out your business image and branding towards its audience.

While User Experience(UX) design, is more on smoothness of user journey throughout the website or mobile application browsing session. It's essential key for a website's user-friendliness.

Mobile Friendly

In the era of smartphone, website mobile responsiveness is utmost for content catering during users browsing your website by using mobile devices, such as smartphone, tablet, and laptop. This criteria will also influence how Google will rank your website on related search result page. As of now, at least 52% of global internet traffic was generated from mobile phones.

To define a website mobile friendliness, that would be convenience, comfort ability, and conciseness throughout the whole browsing session. Mobile friendly website able to adapt their layout into different mobile devices and screen size. It allows your website visitors browsing through with good readability and maintain most of your website design elements.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) friendly website is favor to search engine, during the process of ranking your website to search result page.

The objective of SEO: To gain more and higher traffic flows to your website.

There's many aspects and factors which will affect your website ranking on search result, could be your website structure, content, mobile friendliness, loading speed and etc. Search engine ranking algorithm will be changed and updated from time to time to maintain its fair and healthy competition among websites around the world. There are rules and technical procedures need to be adhere with, from time to time, and then only can see the SEO result.

Page Load Speed & Security

Poor website loading speed not only chase your website visitors away before the page loaded completely. It is not favor for search engines like Google, Bing and etc. to rank your website well. Website loading speed determine bounce rate and quality of browsing session.

Website security is essential for your internet branding and credibility. Despite of Google will tag suspicious defaced or hacked websites on search results for internet users. It will greatly affects business internet branding and credibility, which immediate rectification is required before causing more harm.

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